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Designed for use in acute care settings.
Indispensable tool for ICU.

  • Completely accurate, reliable and objective pupil size and reactivity data independent of examiner.
  • Hand held simple operation.
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    Monocular handheld Pupillometer for Research.

  • Portable, handheld one button activation no ongoing calibration required.
  • Adjustable settings for light stimulus, intensity and duration and onset of measurement and background illumination.
  • Data stored on device, results upload able to external computer via Bluetooth.
  • Video playback and downloadable last video
  • Continous pupil recording up to 10mins without light and 41 secs with light stimulus
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    Precisely Measures Pupil Size Under Various Light Conditions

  • Portable
  • Variable settings measuring mesopic, high mesopic, low mesopic in one 12 second sequence to simulate light conditions
  • Dark setting, 2 second measurement
  • Pupil size to .003mm accuracy
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